About Homeoheal

Homeoheal is founded by eminent Homeopath of his time Dr. B.P. Mishra in 1956 in Indore the business capital of Madhya Pradesh with the aim to heal patients with care and commitment through homeopathy.

Why Homeopathy ?

It is the medicine of the future Homeopathic healing offers long lasting and permanent result treating the disease from its root and heal the patient from within rather than just removing the symptoms superficially

Why Choose us ?

Dr. B.P. Mishra's Homeoheal is a well renowned organization which has been serving to heal patients with utmost care and commitment since 1956 and promise to do so in years to come.


What people say about us

Dr. B.P. Mishra is an enthusiastic homoeopath of long standing and distinction.

Shri K.C. Tiwari

Former IAS

Dr. B.P Mishra known to me for well over a decade, is a very capable and devoted homoeopath. i have personally consulted him many times and i am pleased to state that his medicines have always had miraculous effect. his approach to the science of homoeopathy has been very dynamic and unconventional, and he has got a flair for novel achievement.

Shri K.N. Mishra

Former Chief conservator of forests, M P

Dr. Mishra is an old friend of mine and he practices homeopathy. he has many loyal patients and by his devotion to his duty he has won the hearts of many senior officers of the state. I wish him success in his chosen field.

Dr. P K.Sen F.R.C.S

Former Civil Surgeon Indore

I take immense pleasure to commend for Dr Mishra, a veteran Homoeopath of the city. During my personal contact with him i witnessed that he is very sincere and diligent to his profession. He takes great pains and keen interest in treating each and every patient. I acknowledge with cordial compliments his service rendered to me as and when required. A good number of medicine are very effective in some of the chronic diseases, as i had also used some of them. Having been entirely satisfied with, I took liberty to refer him many chronic cases for the treatment.

Dr. A.K. Mishra

M.B.B.S , M.D

I have great faith in homeopathic system of medicine. Homeopathic medicines are affective, fast acting and cheap. I can say that for children there is no better treatment than Homeopathic one. Dr. B.P.Mishra is well versed with the homeopathic system of medicines.

Dr. K.C. Saxena

M.B.B.S, M.D. (Pathologist)

I have known Dr. B.P. Mishra for some years. He is practicing Homeopathy. I have seen some marvellous cures by him of some patients who had been suffering for a long time and had lost all hopes. He is doing a great charitable work and has given relief to a large number of patients. I wish Dr.Mishra all success which he so richly deserves.

Dr. S.S. Kaul

Retd. Dy. Director of Health Services M.P.

Meet our experts

  • Dr. Narendra Mishra

    DHB (Director)
  • Dr. Tapasya Mishra

    BHMS, CGO Homeopathic and Gynecology Consultant
  • Dr. Ankur Mishra

    BHMS, FHD, PGDCC (Dermatologist)
  • Dr. Nishi Mishra

    Dental surgeon and cosmetologist, BDS FMC
  • Dr. Anshul Saxena

    BHMS, PGDEMS Homeopath

Our Founder

Dr. B.P. Mishra the forerunner laid the foundation of Homeoheal clinic 6 decades ago when he identified an emerging need of holistic approach of health, not only to deal the ailments calmly, safe, uproot it fully and also for preventing its outburst to its maximum virtue.

Dr. B.P.Mishra was a versatile and eminent physician of his time pioneering Homeopathy in Madhya Bharat ( Now Madhya Pradesh ), Mhow/Indore.

He earned licence for primary healthcare from the Saint John Ambulance association U.K. in 1923. He was also registered as Class-A Ayurvedacharya (आयुर्वेदाचार्य). Apart from the renowned medical practitioner he was a great philosopher, artist, painter, spiritual and lot more, he was also having the Diploma in fine arts from school of fine arts, Indore and J.J. Arts Bombay (Mumbai)

With his foresightedness he brought the concept of "Homeopathic first aid box kit" which was one of the uniqueness of that time. Being philanthropist he himself prepare the kits and charitably distributed to all government and non-government setups.

Our Director

Dr. B.P. Mishra’s Highest Ethical model was transcended by his son Dr. Narendra Mishra who is one of the most noble, gentle, empathetic person by nature who upgraded the standard of the clinic to topmost rank.

Dr.Narendra Mishra earned D.H.B in 1964 from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla Memorial Homeopathic College,Indore and serving humanity since that year. He is very simple and down to earth physician who is running the clinic not just cost effective manner but meeting the excellence at par.

He is also a very multitalented and artistic person having interest in all creative work too.

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